Fashion in Film : Where the Boys Are (1960)


I feel like I made a top secret discovery after watching Where the Boys Are. I don’t know if I’ve ever watched too many films from the 50s/60s beach bunny era, but now that I saw this one, I’m absolutely obsessed.

I’ve also been a big fan of Connie Francis (her greatest hits is played often on my record player), and this story of four Midwestern girls who hit Fort Lauderdale (when that was a like a thing), on the search for some fun spring break love. But let’s be real, because this column is called Fashion in Film, that’s what it’s all about. The clothes.

And like any good 50s/early 60s film, the clothes in this one are to die for. Capri pants, chiffon scarves as accessories, circle skirts, and glamorous vintage style bathing suits. I wish I could have an excuse to dress like this every day (although if I were to ever have an excuse, living in New York would allow it), but until then, I’ll pick up a few individual pieces for spring and summer to make this look work for me!













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New York Bucket List

Image via Front Page Mag

A couple weeks ago I went to visit a friend in Washington D.C. for a weekend. I spent two days eating delicious food, seeing the sites, and soaking in the finally Spring like weather, and when I got back to New York City I realized I didn’t want to be here.

Now, don’t get me wrong, New York definitely has it’s perks, and I’m not looking to move to D.C., anytime soon, but there was something about how clean, how genuinely friendly, how quiet, and how green the city was that made me realize that I’m just done. I’ve been in New York nearly six years, which was longer than I expected to stay, and while I appreciate the culture, the architecture, the style, and the opportunity of the city, I know my limits, and I’ve reached my limits.

I’m not moving right away. That would be illogical (unless I was magically offered a job across the country), but instead I’m going to be starting the process, setting goals, starting the job hunt, and saving my pretty pennies to make a move happen.

But something else I want to do before I leave New York is to actually take advantage of it. Sure, I’ve done all the touristy things, but there are so many parts of this city I’ve never even seen, so I present my New York Bucket List. All the things I’ve always said I would do in New York, and haven’t quite gotten around to.

New York, you and I have some work to do.

Things To Do Before I leave New York

  1. Get into Gramercy Park
  2. See Wicked on Broadway
  3. Go to Sleep No More (again)
  4. See the Warblers migration in Central Park
  5. Have Levain Bakery cookies
  6. Have City Bakery hot chocolate
  7. Eat a burger from Corner Bistro
  8. Eat pizza at Grimaldi’s
  9. See a Knicks game
  10. Frozen hot chocolate from serendipity
  11. Go to the Whitney museum
  12. Ride the Cyclone
  13. Go to the Bronx Zoo
  14. Go to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for the Cherry Blossoms
  15. Walk the high line
  16. Go to Flushing Meadows – Corona Park
  17. See a jazz show in Harlem
  18. Go to Greenwood Cemetery
  19. Try to visit Maine
  20. See the New York City Ballet
  21. Go to Eataly
  22. Go to the New York City Transit Museum
  23. Go to the Top of the Rock
  24. See the Jimmy Fallon Show
  25. Visit Grant’s Tomb
  26. Go to Socrates Sculpture Park
  27. Visit Ellis Island
  28. Go see Rocky Horror Picture Show at Bow Tie Cinemas
  29. Visit the African Burial Ground
  30. See a performance at Carnegie Hall
  31. Go to Midsummer Night Swing
  32. Walk to Brooklyn Heights Promenade
  33. Go to a movie in Bryant Park
  34. Take a trapeze class at Chelsea Piers
  35. Go to the Tenement Museum
  36. Visit the Mark Twain house
  37. Have a beer at McSorley’s Old Ale House
  38. Go to the New Museum
  39. Go to the Museum of Sex
  40. Play ping-pong at Spin.
  41. Go to the Dumbo Carousel
  42. Go to the Turkish Baths
  43. Go to spa castle
  44. Go to The Little Red Lighthouse
  45. Ride the 6 train through the old City Hall station
  46. Have Jazz Brunch at the Lamb’s Club
  47. Go to a show at Galapagos Art Space
  48. Go to a comedy show
  49. Go to an improv show
  50. Go to Friday Night Yoga at Laughing Lotus
  51. Go to The Moth
  52. Go to the NYC Earth Room
  53. Go to Pomander Walk
  54.  Go to St. Johns Cathedral
  55. Visit Governor’s Island

Anything I missed?

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Botanical Blueberry Lemonade


Ever since I went to a tasting at the New York Distilling Company, I’ve been mildly obsessed with their Dorothy Parker gin. Unlike most gins, this one isn’t the typical London dry style, and takes on a much more botanical flavor (for those of us that aren’t the biggest gin drinkers, it’s perfect). And naturally, when a gin has those botanical tones, it lends itself to being a perfect spring and summer cocktail base.

I was looking for inspiration one sunny Saturday at the grocery store, when I spotted a fizzy french lemonade, and decided that I would try my hand at muddling a few ingredients with it to create this cocktail. I choose blueberries and cucumbers, because I thought their flavors would compliment the tartness of the lemonade and the botanics of the gin. It ended up being an easy, impressive cocktail that I’ve already had requests to remake for our next summer party!

Botanical Blueberry Lemonade (makes 1):

  • 2 thin slices cucumber
  • 5-6 small sweet blueberries
  • 1 1/2 oz Dorothy Parker gin (or similar botanical gin)
  • Soda water
  • Lemon and cucumber to garnish
  1. Place the cucumbers, blueberries, and gin at the bottom of a glass.
  2. Muddle until the blueberries and cucumbers are broken up.
  3. Add ice and top with soda water.
  4. Garnish with a lemon wedge and cucumber slice.




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Skirt – Vintage (similar) / Blouse – Uniqlo / Crop Top – American Apparel / Belt – Vintage / Shoes – Vintage / Jewelry – Vintage, The Gold Canary / Sunglasses – Ray-Ban / Lipstick – MAC Impassioned

I’m much more of a dress or jeans person usually, but lately I’ve been trying to up my skirt game. I recently found this pink silk skirt on eBay and while I think eventually I’ll end up getting it tailored, I absolutely love the color, fit, and material.

I haven’t always been such a “pink person,” but I’m really loving the color for this spring. And paired with a basic plaid button down, it lends itself to being an easily wearable piece for day and night.





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5 Tech Tools for a Better You


Part of my goal for 2014 was to focus on ways to better myself. I’m a big fan of constant self improvement (in ways best for you), and I love discovering new tools to help me to get there. Here are 5 tools I haven’t been able to live without since 2014 started.

  1. Blogilates.comWhen work days are busy and I can’t get to the gym, I go to this site for an awesome boost of inspiration. Cassey Ho’s recipes keep my work lunches healthy and interesting, and her pop pilates videos leave me sore for days!
  2. Headspace AppOne of my goals for this year was to start meditating (at the insistence of several of my doctors). The first 10 days are free, but it’s totally priceless. It’s made me a calmer, more centered person.
  3. – Life in New York is expensive, and this app keeps all my spending and financial goals on track.
  4. GoodreadsI’m constantly adding books to my “to read” list and I love that this site allows me to not only keep track of them all, but also have a sense of accomplishment when I finish a book.
  5. Rosetta StoneI received the Rosetta Stone in French for Christmas, and at first I was a bit apprehensive (like would I actually sit down and use it? Would it work?) and I have to say, everything you heard about it was true. I look forward to working on my language skills, and I can actually see myself learning a language.

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